Batman and Me by Joker

Oh Batman, my dear and worthy foe You bring out the best in me, don’t you know? Without you, my life would be quite bland But with you, I am the Joker, free to command

You are the yin to my yang, the dark to my light Together we make the perfect fight You bring order, I bring chaos and glee Together we are the ultimate duo, can’t you see?

You come to stop me, but you always fail I always triumph, with my twisted tale You try to lock me up, but I always escape I am the Joker, I am the shape of fate

You are the hero, I am the villain But in your eyes, I know I am thrilling So thank you, Batman, for all you do You make my life worth living, you see it’s true

So let us dance this dance, you and I Until the end of time, under Gotham’s sky For without you, Batman, where would I be? Just a madman, with no one to play with, but me.

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