Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, a clown in red and black A force of chaos, a maniacal knack She once was Harleen, a doctor true But now she’s mad, and her laughter ensues

With a bat in hand and a grin on her face She causes destruction, with no time to waste She’s the Joker’s queen, his partner in crime Together they wreak havoc, all the time

She’s a walking contradiction, a puzzle to solve Her mind is a labyrinth, that is constantly evolve She’s a victim, a villain, a hero in her own right She’s a wild card, a force that can’t be tamed, it’s a fight

Love and loyalty, she feels for the Joker A bond that’s unbreakable, a love that’s nooker But deep down, she knows it’s not real For the Joker’s love, is nothing but ill

Harley Quinn, a character so complex A story of love, and of being vexed She’s a symbol of rebellion, and of being free Harley Quinn, a woman, who’s truly unique.

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